May 24, 2022

Preparing for a Tumultuous Summer: How to Navigate Market Turmoil

Heading into the most volatile summer season in years, Buckingham Strategic Wealth offers proactive steps to protect your portfolio

ST. LOUIS, MO – As the midyear point approaches, several factors continue to drive market volatility including global conflict, fears of recession, and the upcoming election cycle. While this uncertainty has left many investors to question their portfolio strategy, Buckingham Strategic Wealth is sharing three ways to ease your fears and take control during a tumultuous financial season.

Consider Buying I-Bonds
Investors looking for a safer investment, protected from inflation, should consider Series I Savings Bonds, issued by the U.S. Treasury Department. “As of May, I bonds are paying more than 9.5% which is an amazing return for a very safe investment,” said Susan Strasbaugh, Buckingham Strategic Wealth advisor. “With inflation higher than it has been in decades, I bonds are a great opportunity for investors with money to spare.” Individuals can buy up to $10,000 in I bonds per year. Purchases can be made online at

Stick to Your Plan Amid Political Uncertainty
With the midterm elections approaching, prepare for an onslaught of predictions about the market impact depending on which party controls Congress. Some will suggest investors reposition their portfolios, but keep historical context in mind before making a change. “It's important to remember that there has been no reliable pattern between a change in the control of Congress or the president and the future returns in the market,” said Daniel Campbell, CFA, Senior Investment Strategist at Buckingham Strategic Wealth. “The outcome of the election should not trigger you to sell off your portfolio. Investment planning is done for a reason and to help you achieve your goals,” Campbell said. Find more of Campbell’s research on the topic here.

Diversify Your Portfolio
Market uncertainty makes a diverse portfolio non-negotiable, according to Kevin Grogan, managing director of investment strategy at Buckingham. “When things are as unpredictable as they are now, your best move is to diversify your investments across as many sources of risk and return as you can,” Grogan said. “We believe this diversification should include international investments, despite the increased risk in overseas markets due to the war in Ukraine and the impacts of COVID-19. The market accounts for this risk with lower price-to-earnings ratios for global stocks compared to domestic.”

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