Sage advice and
service for all.

What we do, we do with wholehearted commitment, collaboration and transparency. We serve our clients with a complete lack of ego or complacency. And staying true to our founding principles, we will always do the right thing over the easy thing.

Mission, Vision, Values

We help fulfill financial dreams.

We empower advisors to care for clients' financial lives through our Design | Build | Protect® process.

And we do both with enthusiasm, excitement
and heart.

Every day in every way.

Passion to Progress

Never complacent, our entrepreneurial spirit keeps us curious, excited and optimistic about the future. We relentlessly push forward, seeking new ways to help as many people as possible.

Passion to Serve

We lead with service. We are team players, neither siloed nor territorial, and built to serve our clients with the collective intelligence and experience of our greatest minds working together.

Passion to Do Right

We work with trust, transparency and openness. Our commitment to always do what’s right for our clients sets us apart. We hold the fiduciary standard near and dear to our hearts.

Maximizing impact in the communities we serve.

We’re wholly committed to supporting our neighbors and communities in need while empowering our associates to be advocates — to look and listen for where we can help at the grassroots level in ways that don’t seek headlines. And the evolution of that ethos has led to the Buckingham Community Partnerships program.

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Actions over intentions.

Buckingham’s plan for diversity, equity and inclusion states our clear, measurable goals to combating systemic injustice. We are more focused than ever to eliminate barriers for true equality for all.

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Great minds serve alike.

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