August 16, 2017

Buckingham Strategic Wealth Opens Two South Florida Offices

Buckingham Strategic Wealth, the St. Louis-based wealth management firm, has opened new offices in Miami and Boca Raton to better serve its clients in the South Florida region.

While Buckingham has had a presence in the area for many years, opening two new physical locations will enhance the total experience the firm provides to its clients there, facilitate relationships and services, and allow Buckingham’s advisory team to better deliver on the promise of true wealth management.

“We are firmly and fundamentally committed to doing the right thing for all our clients, no matter what, in every aspect of our business and our relationships,” said Buckingham CEO Adam Birenbaum. “The decision to open offices in the South Florida area is simply a continuation of that thinking because it offers an opportunity for us to more easily and thoroughly provide the high level of service to which our clients have become accustomed.”

Birenbaum added: “In addition to giving us another place to conduct meetings and for our advisory teams to work closely with clients, opening the doors to offices in South Florida was a long-term objective Buckingham had planned for and now realized. We look forward to expanding our reach in the entire South Florida region, starting with the Miami and Boca Raton areas, and also to connecting with and ultimately helping as many people as possible move closer to their financial goals.”

With the Miami and Boca Raton locations, Buckingham now has offices in 19 cities across the country. The firm acquired its first office outside of St. Louis, in Santa Rosa, California, in 2010, just seven years ago.

“It was an easy decision for us to put down roots in South Florida, a place where I have worked for almost 15 years and where I have gained a thorough understanding of both the people and the landscape,” said Wealth Advisor Aaron Vickar, who will operate from the new offices. “With the exception of leveraging our new space, nothing will really change in terms of how our clients interact with me and the firm on a day-to-day basis. But our growth does underscore our commitment to South Florida and speaks to our desire to serve those who form the fabric of this great community.”

The new Miami office is located at: 801 Brickell Avenue, Suite 900, Miami, FL 33131; 561-988-2668

The Boca Raton office is at: 2255 Glades Road, Suite 324A/319A, Boca Raton, FL 33431; 561-988-2668

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