Planning for Lifetime Income in Retirement

April 18th, 2024 | 11:30 a.m. Central


Do you know “your number”?

That is, the amount of money that you need to accumulate before you’re able to retire?

More importantly, do you know how much money you need - AND how it needs to be invested - to be able to REMAIN comfortably retired for what you hope will be a 30-to-50-year timeframe?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you’re not alone.

Inflation and the cumulative loss of your purchasing power is the biggest threat to your retirement. Backed by 80+ years of academic research and 25+ years of combined professional experience, our team will help you unlock a financially secure retirement and attain the peace of mind you deserve.

  • Erik J. Christman, CFP®, CPA and Patrick J. Walsh, CFP®

    Erik Christman and Patrick Walsh are wealth advisors in Buckingham’s Cincinnati office and have worked together providing advice to clients for nearly 15 years. Clients can count on them to be fee-only, true fiduciaries providing clarity, confidence and being a catalyst to get things done. This straightforward approach, coupled with a data-driven planning process and investment philosophy, allows Erik and Pat to coach clients through good and bad markets to make sure they have actionable strategies to reach their goals.

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