We are now one. In spirit. In purpose. In practice. Introducing Buckingham Wealth Partners. 

Buckingham Strategic Wealth

BAM Advisor Services

Loring Ward

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Buckingham Strategic Wealth, LLC, & Buckingham Strategic Partners, LLC (Collectively, Buckingham Wealth Partners)

How We Do It

Buckingham Wealth Partners is comprised of Buckingham Strategic Wealth and Buckingham Strategic Partners. For investors, we offer Buckingham Strategic Wealth, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm with a nationwide presence that delivers wealth solutions through comprehensive, values-based financial planning and an investment approach built on evidence and facts. For advisors, we offer Buckingham Strategic Partners, a comprehensive wealth management platform that delivers practice support and management services engineered to free up an advisor’s workday so they can spend more time helping clients achieve their dreams of financial prosperity.

A More Holistic Approach

As a unified organization with national reach, we help more advisors deliver on the promise to understand clients’ holistic financial situation and deliver a plan to achieve their life and financial goals. Under the Buckingham Wealth Partners umbrella, two businesses help investors plan for a prosperous life on their own terms.

Our Pledge

To forever stand on the side of our clients and advisors, serving as their relentless advocates and helping them achieve their highest aspirations.

How We Built The New Logo


(Now Buckingham Strategic Partners)

The new logo mark brings our firms together by paying tribute to the visual legacy of each: the hexagon shape of the Buckingham Strategic Wealth mark and the "swoosh" of the Loring Ward and BAM Advisor Services marks. The new logo mark also incorporates the initials of each business: Buckingham Wealth Partners, Buckingham Strategic Wealth and Buckingham Strategic Partners.


Press Release

In case you missed it, view and download a PDF copy of our press release.

New Look, Same Mission.

Forever standing on the side of our clients…especially now.


COVID-19 has temporarily changed so many things about daily life. But in these unsettling times, we remain steadfast in our commitment to free you from worrying about the daily ups and downs of the market, so you can focus on the things that really matter. Count on us to continue serving the needs and interests of clients and advisors throughout this crisis.

There are so many questions and concerns raised in times like these. We’ve created a new website, Ask Buckingham featuring videos with short, straight answers for our clients, featuring many of our Buckingham thought leaders.